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You are Always Servicing Someone

Have you ever watched the survival show, Alone? If not, I’d recommend it. Not so much because of the content, but because it highlights our need to connect with others. 
Whether you’re in what’s defined as a Customer Service role, or not, you are helping people. 
Some people in Sales say they not in Customer Service, their job is the close the deal. But how can we do that without a relationship to another?
Some people in IT say they are not in Customer Service, but how can they understand the problems they are solving without interacting with those impacted by the problem?
Whether we like it or not, we are always servicing others. Whether we label them Customers, Clients, Superiors, Managers, Users, it doesn’t matter. Fundamentally we are helping others.
Over the 20 years of my career in Tech, I’ve learned some key considerations that help me help others:
  1. Listen without judgment or fear of blame
  2. Speak positively, not negatively, whether you have the answer or not
  3. Relay back the problem and impact as YOU hear THEM describe it to get their agreement
  4. Check your mood at the door; let them be in a bad mood, but don’t be in a bad mood with them
  5. Engage with neutrality; don’t ever assume you have all the information 
  6. Engage with empathy, you don’t always know what’s going on behind the scenes in a person life
  7. Focus on creating the outcome, not the path or the problem you may not know how to solve
A quick way to remind yourself…use OUTCOME:
O – Own the problem and solution
U – Understand their situation
T – Treat their problem without judgement
C – Clarify any gaps in your understanding
O – Outline the path for their benefit
M – Manage your own mood
E – Engage with empathy

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