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Results matter. Otherwise, why do the work?

I’ve been an Infrastructure engineer for the better part of two decades. In that time I’ve sharpened my technical skills but always had difficulty communicating my ideas upward. This lack of effective communication presented me with a glass ceiling. Working with RefactorIT has significantly improved my communication skills. I’m now able to lead far more effectively with my team and superiors. I’ve learned how to apply the skills I’ve learned into my career, and those skills have helped me create new paths that didn’t exist in the past.

Infrastructure Engineer -to- Engineering Director Avatar
Infrastructure Engineer -to- Engineering Director

Leveraging RefactorIT I was able to thoroughly assess my roles, responsibilities, and my future plans, and as a result opened up new thinking for my next career move. Their strategy and education helped me drive a new path to a senior leadership role at a new organization. If it seems that you are stuck in your role or want to develop yourself and a plan for your next career move, you need to take on this work.

High-Touch Support Engineer -to- Director of IT Avatar
High-Touch Support Engineer -to- Director of IT

I have worked with RefactorIT for just 6 months and during this time, using the structured approach, they not only helped me understand and quantify the areas I needed to work on but also helped by providing specific methodologies and exercises to shore up these skills. I would heartily recommend RefactorIT to help you evolve both personally and professionally.


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