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Meet Your Team

We’ve been in the trenches, and we’ve come out stronger.


Martin Ryan

Senior Technology Advisor, CTO

Martin Ryan is a leading technology advisor helping businesses redefine and improve their investment in IT, increasing their sustainability and profitability, and maintaining their competitive advantages. As a seasoned IT strategy advisor and consultant, Martin’s core focuses are IT talent and organizational improvement, IT infrastructure strategy and scalability, cybersecurity, business process development, and improving IT service levels. Martin’s clients are spread across a broad range of industries, such as asset management, healthcare, and non-profits.

Martin’s career spans 20 years. Roles he has held on behalf of his clients are Strategic IT Advisor, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, and Head of IT Infrastructure. He has built cost effective IT teams of full-time employees, consultants, and service providers which allow him to hold these roles on an ongoing advisory basis, supporting the objectives of the businesses stakeholders.


John Day

Software Development and Automation Specialist

John Day is a Technology Consultant with a deep background in the asset management industry. Many of his technical articles have been featured in top technology publications. While serving as head trader of a global money manager, he was in charge of risk management of $200 MM in assets.

John's has been in the finance and technology field for 20 years. Along with leading the execution team and building highly customized trading technology platforms, John also has demonstrated leadership in the Fordham Finance Society. His leadership, technical, and educational background has led him to spearhead RefactorIT and the development of the OwnIT program, and now helps accelerate technology processionals to become technology leaders.

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