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OwnIT is the only IT focused online, self-paced, and perpetual access learning program that builds on your tech skills and teaches advanced soft skills that are key to success in IT. Supported with bi-weekly instructor led group calls and a private Slack Tech Community Channel, attended by your peers and other IT leaders, we give you the tools you need to increase your value.

Hard Skills and Tech Certs lapse.
Soft Skills are timeless.

our FOCUS: Learn How to Translate Tech Talk

The pace of innovation has left many IT professionals exposed to a changing landscape. As technology life cycles continue to shorten, the value of many technical skills has become short-lived.

“Soft Skills” endure these changes. And, they are essential tools for technology teams to navigate the rapidly shifting business environment, nimbly and effectively. The reason behind this is that the human element is still core to technology advancement.

Collaboration, communication, and coordination skills are increasing in importance. Businesses are demanding employees who can translate technical terms into meaningful business outcomes.

In fact, a CareerBuilder study showed 77% of employers value Soft Skills as much as Hard Skills.

In our program you’ll learn how to:

Identify the structure of conversations and seize opportunities for improvement

Reveal the true business objectives of non-tech employees and executives

Create clear and meaningful narratives

The OwnIT Program - course content

Module 1 – Overview and New Concept
Module 2 – Reading the Current Technology Market
Module 3 – Self Assessment and your emotional intelligence
Module 4 – Identifying Identity
Module 5 – Your consequentialist strategy, the root of all action

Module 1 – What do Leaders own exactly?
Module 2 – Expertise vs Leadership
Module 3 – Budgeting, Projects, and establishing ROI
Module 4 – Understanding and Managing Risk
Module 5 – Developing your internal support network (legal, finance, compliance, research etc.)

Module 1 – Collaboration is key, know the players and business
Module 2 – Resource Pools – get the help before you need it
Module 3 – Management – Building your Top Talent
Module 4 – Management – Structuring your Teams
Module 5 – Management – Protecting your assets

Module 1 – Defining strategic technology frameworks
Module 2 – Diffusion of Innovation
Module 3 – Technology learning framework and Human operations
Module 4 – Framework for understanding business strategy and operations
Module 5 – Defining your unique technology project

Module 1 – Guiding Principles and Frameworks
Module 2 – The Sales Structure
Module 3 – The Story Structure
Module 4 – Sales and Stories Work Together
Module 5 – In Action – Presentation Flow

Module 1 – Revisit your strategy, projects, and budget
Module 2 – Self Assessment, again
Module 3 – Identify failures and successes
Module 4 – Setting your new bar
Module 5 – Where to next?

How we support you

We host twice weekly group calls, Monday and Thursday at 4pm EST, where we discuss your challenges, your intentions, work through the bugs, and help you make things happen

Our private Slack Tech Community Channel provides continuous conversations of support between community members, and input from OwnIT leaders

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