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IT technical skills vs IT leadership skills

Technical IT skills are rapidly evolving, and we have more access to technical knowledge and resources than ever before. There are countless sources of learning across the internet and education providers which can be tremendous sources of value to IT Professionals. This isn’t changing any time soon.

So, what do we do with these skills? Are we focused on finding roles that compensate us for what we can technically do with these skills? What is the lifespan of such skills, with technology advancing to rapidly? How skilled to we really need to be to give ourselves an edge over others learning the same things?

As IT Professionals we generally tend to focus on these skills as our career path forward, and the market is certainly telling us to do so. But what if we considered the application of such learning as contributing to us as IT leaders and strategic advisors, beyond being a tactical IT resource inside a company or project?

Well, it comes down to one thing; Intention. Highly accomplished IT Advisors, whether they have their own advisory business or are full-time employees at the C-level, use their knowledge to focus on relevance and value to the businesses they are working with. They use it to competently learn and speak about how changes in technology can be exploited for the businesses end goals and build strategies and teams to get it done. They are NOT the ones who do the tactical IT work, but they know enough to hire those who can. This mindset has a profound impact on 2 things; Their autonomy and personal freedom, and their income.

Almost every professional field has independent advisors; legal advisors, financial advisors, political advisors, academic advisors. Ours is no different.

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