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Business Race to Upgrade Digital Expertise in the Boardroom

The call for more strategic minded and market focused IT Advisors, whether they are in-house CTO’s or independent and objective outside advisors, is becoming more of a concern for growing and established businesses. The value of IT is changing, and while historical notion of IT as a utility or an operational obligation still has some relevance, many businesses are seeing how IT can be a competitive factor. However, this can only happen when IT leadership has a focus on the business it supports, and not just the technology. The demand for this is changing. A 2018 IT Industry Outlook article recently published by CompTIA* highlights this:

Don’t wait. The business world is changing fast and companies need a you to help them compete. As an IT consultant or advisor, your asset is you. Your knowledge, your background, your accomplishments, your connections. This establishes relevance and value to those you are speaking with. And, you must continue learning and understanding how the business world is being affected by changing IT. Be humble but confident in your advice. Accept that you must always be learning, and always be leading. Engage your clients and prospects with ideas and actionable advice on how IT can help solve their most important challenges. Then, it’s clear YOU can help them resolve it. 

*Source: https://www.comptia.org/resources/it-industry-trends-analysis

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