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Don't Rebuild; Refactor

RefactorIT helps IT Pros develop their soft skills and advance their contribution and value. Our OwnIT program builds on your tech skills, and teaches advanced soft skills that are timeless, breaking them down into tangible, workable parts you can repeatedly leverage to leave your mark.

Build your knowledge, action plans, and get results. Join a community of IT Pros upgrading their potential.

The OwnIT Program
No other programs teach the unique knowledge IT Pros need to accomplish their career goals.
The OwnIT Program is the only online, continually accessible, advanced soft skills development program that services this purpose.
Designed by CTOs, CIOs, and many other technology executives and professionals who have travelled this path, the program was built from the ground up for IT Professionals like you who want more from their career in IT.

Active Process

By starting with where you are and leveraging your IT expertise, we teach an always evolving framework for developing yourself and becoming an accomplished, trusted, and un-fireable technology leader.

Language based

The OwnIT program is based in human language. We teach how we listen to others, how we communicate to accomplish results, and how this helps drive our career forward.

Focus shift

Right church, wrong pew. Our program uses core principles to shift the focus of your learning, actions, and results to a permanent strategic mindset.

No Time Limit

Rome was not built in a day. Nether is your career. Our program does not expire. We keep our content updated and always on for you, so you can continuously revisit it and build on what you've already done with the program.

Continuous support

Weekly calls, a private Facebook group, and advanced one-on-one coaching keep you refreshed and on-track.

Many educational resources on leadership exist, Only ours focuses on leadership in IT. Here’s why this matters to IT Pros like you.

Rethink your IT education objectives

Common IT courses are effective when applied, and are the basis for your career in IT. However, leading advanced, impactful, and lucrative IT positions require far more than this. Learning fundamentals of IT leadership soft skills and what it takes to drive new technology innovations and initiatives inside any business is rapidly becoming a major competitive advantage.

Refresh your learning process

IT Professionals thrive on learning new aspects of technology and systems. However, you don't need to know the deep details of every system out there. In fact, that may work against you. You need to know enough so that you can contribute to and even build the right teams, propose your plans to business stakeholders, and create the highest valued and relevant innovations.

Re-engineer your IT path

Your path forward is in your own hands. If you have passion to drive forward, jumping from IT role to IT role won't cut it in the long run. Choose what roles you don't want, what roles you do want, figure out why you're not there yet, and get to work making it happen.

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